Chicago Commercial Painting

InMotion Commercial Painting offers our clients interior commercial painting and wallcovering services. One of our main goals is minimal to no disturbance of your business and day-to-day processes. This ensures your business remains productive and employees remain safe. Our team is always respectful and professional, and we guarantee to leave your newly painted space exceptional.

Commercial Interior Painting

InMotion Commercial Painting understands the complexity of interior commercial painting. We know that when you choose to spend money on redesigning your interior, every aspect counts. The interior space of a commercial property influences the emotions of those inside, making it pertinent to design.

When you partner with us, our team of highly experienced painters will:

  • Increase your property value
  • Deliver long-lasting, high-quality results
  • Disrupt as little as possible
  • Finish on time and on budget
  • Be insured and bonded

Commercial Interior Wallcoverings

If you are looking for fun patterns or something more intricate than a simple paint job, wallcoverings may be the best choice to transform your commercial space. InMotion Commercial Painting is highly skilled at installing vinyl and fabric wallcoverings. Our experienced team is careful and diligent while working with wallcoverings. We know how important it is for patterns to be seamless, giving your walls an effortless appeal. InMotion Commercial Painting’s professional team can transform your commercial space into anything you want it to be.

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